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"For Bel, being on OpenClimat means transparency, of course, but also a lever for training, meaning and pride! Well done OpenClimat. Making a complex subject simple is... really complex and you do it very well!"

Elodie Parre
CSR Director, Bel Group

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Already a reference source of information for the ecosystem

They use OpenClimat

Casino use OpenClimat to exchange data and engage in a dialogue with its suppliers..

In line with the highest standards

OpenClimat follows the constant evolution of the highest standards to guarantee an information base that is reliable, comparable and in line with science.

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In line with the GHG protocol

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Decarbonisation trajectories in line with science

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In line with ADEME's responsible communication recommendations.

Nos principes clefs pour
démocratiser la transparence



We centralise requests for information from your stakeholders to address an unmanageable situation where climate forms are multiplying.


Improving reliability

We set the structure, complete and in line with science, to guarantee the comparability of everyone's actions.

We check the conformity of your data and that your labels have been obtained.



Easy for you to complete. Easy for your ecosystem to understand.

Your responses to climate data requests are finally understandable and comparable for your partners. Your company's actions can finally be valued at their true worth.

The retail sector use case

OpenClimat enables Leclerc, Auchan and Casino to cooperate with their suppliers by centralising and making reliable their climate data.

Retailers can thus focus on reducing their scope 3 emissions and on promoting best practices.

There are already three of them, with a combined market share of 40% and a turnover of €80 billion.

Are you a retail supplier?

Join your retail customers now!

Transparency as a driver for action

Testimony of Flora,
Climate and Water Manager at Bel

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