The open platform dedicated to climate action.

Transparency to foster action.
Carbon footprints, climate trajectories, action plan…
All information centralized and structured in one place to bring clarity on companies' climate action!

Climate action made clear!


Données CO2 analyzed

Completeness of carbon footprints. Decoding of commitments and results. Comparison of CO2 reductions with IPCC recommendations.


Action plan structured

Understandable. Transparency. Expertise sharing.


Reportings finally harmonized

Comparable data to better value action!

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Comparable structure

Companies play along our transparency rules and follow the imposed structure. Centralized and uniformized, the information becomes easy to read and understand!.

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Complete and pedagogic

They detail their progress and action plan category by category.

A global vision for more perspective. Companies not only share their accomplishments but also what remains to be done in all areas.

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Completely open and accessible to all!

The data is accessible to all: citizens, partners, competitors... To go collectively towards the right direction!

Join the movement! 💪

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